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VALU 2010 - SVT exit poll survey parliamentary election 2010

Study number:


VALU 2010 - SVT exit poll survey parliamentary election 2010


Provide analytical support for the election night broadcast on Swedish television during the election night, and for other post-election analysis.


This exit poll survey was carried out in connection with the parliamentary election on September 19, 2010.

In VALU - Swedish exit poll surveys - voters leaving polling stations are asked by public service broadcaster Sveriges Television (SVT) to fill in a questionnaire and put it anonymously in a sealed box. After collecting and processing the responses, Sveriges Television is able to present an election forecast and an analysis of the reasons underlying the outcome of the election in it´s Election Night broadcast. The surveys are referred to as VALU, an abbreviation for vallokalsundersökning, Swedish for exit poll survey. The first exit poll survey in Sweden was carried out at the parliamentary election in 1991. Since then similar studies have been carried out in connection with all Parliamentary elections, referendums and elections to the European Parliament.

Voters leaving the polling stations were asked to fill in a questionnaire including questions on: party voted for in the general and local elections; time for decision how to vote; own political opinion in agreement with the opinion

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Time period covered:

2010-09-06 - 2010-09-19

Mode of data collection:

2010-09-06 - 2010-09-19 (Fixed form self-administred questionnaire: paper)

Geographic location:


Unit of analysis:



Swedish electorate

Time Method/Study design:

Longitudinal: Trend/Repeated cross-section

Sampling procedure:

In VALU a selection is made of a number of electoral districts and in this way their respective polling station. The number of electoral districts to be selected for VALU is allocated among the different regions according to the size of the electorate. Within each region, the electoral districts are then selected to be included in VALU. This selection is based on the size and geographical location of the electoral district.

Availability status:

1c - Freely available via ordering


SND 0885-001

VALU 2010 - SVT exit poll survey parliamentary election 2010


Holmberg, Sören, Näsman, Per, & Wännström, Kent. (2014). VALU 2010 - SVT exit poll survey parliamentary election 2010. Version 2.0. Swedish National Data Service.

Kind of data:

Voting data: Exit polls

Collection events:

2010-09-06 - 2010-09-19 (Fixed form self-administred questionnaire: paper)



Number of individuals/objects:



data Swedish, English
questionnaire Swedish
codebook Swedish, English

Version 2.0:

2014-09-05 doi:10.5878/002168

Version 1.0:

2010-10-15 doi:10.5878/001502

Hernborn, Hans, Holmberg, Sören & Näsman, Per (2006). Valu i allmänhetens tjänst. Stockholm: Sveriges television (SVT)
SwepubLibrisTill lärosätets (gu) databas

Hernborn, Hans (2002). Valu : Swedish exit polls. Stockholm: Sveriges television (SVT)

Hernborn, Hans, Holmberg, Sören, Näsman, Per, & Thedéen, Torbjörn (2003) Valu : Sveriges Televisions vallokalsundersökningar. Stockholm: SVT.

Minoritetsbefolkningens möte med det politiske Norge. Partivalg, valgdeltakelse, representasjon

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