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SND is a national resource for the coordination of research databases. We facilitate access to data within and outside of Sweden, and offer support for researchers. SND presents Swedish research outside of Sweden.

The main purpose of SND is to support the accessibility, preservation, and re-use of databases and related materials. We accept data from Swedish and international researchers and ensure that the data are stored in a safe way that allows them to be used in the future. The data deposited with us gets a detailed metadata description as well as a persistent identifier, and show up in our search catalogue. Re-use of data could be secondary studies from other researchers in the same or other fields, or students using it for essays or papers. The researcher that deposited the data with us retains the right to decide how and by whom their data is to be used.

Part of our support for researchers is to provide information about how to write a data management plan, and how to manage data during projects. We also provide materials concerning ledag aspects of research, such as research ethics and informed consent. You can find this under Researcher support. We arrange different events about research and research data every year, which you can read about under Events. Apart from this, we participate in training in data management, and we work to develop the field of research data. You can read about this under Projects. We are always available for questions about how to manage your data in the best possible way. You are very welcome to contact one of our Staff for questions.

Our mission is set by the Swedish research council, and sets us to be a national resource for coordination of new and existing research databases. Our main office is located in Gothenburg, and our work is conducted within the University of Gothenburg.

SND staff (staff conference 2016)
Photo: Mathilda Brandby

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