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If you switch to the Swedish version of the website there are a number of other booklets available to download (in Swedish).

SND Annual Reports
SND Annual Report 2017
SND Annual Report 2016
SND Annual Report 2015
SND Annual Report 2014
SND Annual Report 2013
SND Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2011 (in Swedish)
Annual Report 2010 (in Swedish)
Annual Report 2009 (in Swedish)
Annual Report 2008 (in Swedish)

Logotypes available for downloading
SND's Graphic Profile features the printing colours Pantone 301, 284 och 277 U, but since those are sensitive you will only find the black logotypes available to download for free. Please use at least as much white around the logotype as the diameter of the globe and maintain a suitable distance to other logotypes.

For the web (black)

For printing (black)

For questions or other formats/colours please contact