SND’s application for grants from Vetenskapsrådet

SND has been granted funding from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) for 2018–2022. During this period a new organisation and expanded operations will be established in accordance with the description of the infrastructure in SND’s application in March 2017. The following documents provide more detailed information about how SND’s activities will be organised and carried out in the years to come.

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Application SND 2.0 2017-03-07 signed.pdf (4.31 MB) 4.31 MB
RFI_beskrivning_infra_final.pdf (527.29 KB) 527.29 KB
RFI_vetenskaplig_plan_final.pdf (137.47 KB) 137.47 KB
2017-00627 Yttrande Beredningsgruppen_SND.pdf (62.15 KB) 62.15 KB