The SND Consortium

SND is run by a consortium consisting of nine universities: Chalmers University of TechnologyUniversity of Gothenburg, Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of TechnologyLund University, Stockholm University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå University, and Uppsala University. University of Gothenburg is the host university of SND, which means that the consortium’s headquarters are located in Gothenburg.


The consortium make all decisions regarding SND in an annual meeting and with a steering committee. They are also responsible for the technical solutions for the data repository and the data discovery service. The meeting is SND's highest decision-making body and decides on matters such as the strategic plan for the five-year period, annual budgets, and any significant changes to SND's operations. The steering committee is responsible for drafting a strategic plan and annual budgets, and for establishing annual operational plans.

Domain Specialists

The consortium universities also contribute expertise in the form of domain specialists. The domain specialists are experts in various scientific fields or in areas of research data management. They function as a bridge between groups of researchers and the research community at large, on the one hand, and between the data repository and the local units for research data support (DAUs), on the other hand. At present, SND has domain expertise in the social sciences, humanities, public health and epidemiology, environmental data, sensitive data, spatial data (geodata and GIS data), materials science, life science, registry-based medical and other research, as well as interdisciplinary population-based research related to registries and biobanks.

Want to know more? On this page you'll find individual interviews with SND's domain specialists.

The DAU Council

The purpose of the DAU Council is to strengthen the collaboration within the SND consortium and to simultaneously be a link between the SND Steering Committee and the various national activities. The council has one member from each of the nine consortium universities. Find more information about the DAU Council and its members under Working Groups.

Questions about the consortium? Contact:

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Deputy Director & Collaboration Manager
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