Forums and network groups

The SND Network collaborates and exchanges knowledge in several different types of discussion groups. Are you a part of the SND Network? Use the contact details below if you want to know more or to receive information posted to the groups.

SND Network

The national SND Network is made up by almost forty higher education institutions and other researching organisations. As a member, you get many opportunities to discuss research data matters and to exchange knowledge and experiences with other members. SND arranges frequent events connected to research data for the network, and members can also arrange their own events for the network. The SND Network uses the Basecamp communication tool to discuss and exchange information.

Contact: Elisabeth Strandhagen,

IT forum

The SND IT forum provides an opportunity for IT experts connected to research data support and other related activities in the SND Network to meet and discuss current problems and possible solutions. As the IT forum is primarily intended for people with a background in IT, the presentations and issues discussed will be of a more advanced technical character. You are welcome to participate even if you don’t work in IT.

Contact: Johan Fihn Marberg,

Legal network

The purpose of the legal network is to highlight and discuss the legal problems we encounter in the work with research data. The group is open to legal officers and data protection officers in the SND Network.

Contact: Erica Schweder,

The language group

We want to create a space for a national collaboration in language relating to research data. The language group strives to contribute to a common research data language, to help systems and users communicate with one another. Examples of topics are metadata, terminology and definitions, connections to international vocabulary and terminology work, and how we talk about research data.

Contact: Lisa Isaksson,