Citizen surveys

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The studies will examine the opportunities for citizens to influence their own situation and to participate in social decision-making.

The survey was arranged as a mapping of the citizen's activities and possibilities to influence within the 'small democracy' as well as within the 'big democracy'. The 'small democracy' refer to the citizen's possibilities to influence her/his own living conditions within the framework of a number of important roles, namely the role as: resident; patient (or related to patient); husband/wife; parent of small children; parent of school-children; gainfully employed; student; and unemployed. The 'big democracy' refer to the possibilities to have an influence on more comprehensive decisions, to influence not only the personal situation but the situation for the whole country. Questions were asked about membership and activity in different organizations, as well as different attempts to influence decisions in questions concerning the whole community.

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Housing, Unemployment, Working conditions, Political behaviour and attitudes, Family life and marriage, Specific social services: use and availability, Social behaviour and attitudes, Consumption and consumer behaviour, Equality, inequality and social exclusion (CESSDA Topic Classification)
Social Sciences, Political Science (The Swedish standard of fields of research 2011)

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