NEAR - National E-Infrastructure for Aging Research in Sweden


The scientific objectives of NEAR are to: (1) provide high-quality database resources for investigating public-health-related issues in aging, such as the national burden, time trends, and determinants (e.g. social, environmental, and biological/genetic determinants) of common diseases (e.g. cardiovascular disease, stroke, and dementia) and health conditions (e.g. multimorbidity, frailty, and functional dependence) in older people; (2) provide data resources for assessing and planning health care for older people; (3) provide information for identifying intervention strategies to improve health, medical and social care, and quality of life for elderly people; and (4) provide reliable data resources for addressing the issues of social inequality in aging and health.

The dramatic demographic transition towards an older population in the past half century poses tremendous long-term societal challenges globally, especially in developed countries such as Sweden. This underscores the urgent need to identify effective and sustainable strategies for better health and care of elderly populations. Enha

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