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The SOM Institute is an independent survey organisation at the University of Gothenburg. The Institute has collaborated with researchers from a range of disciplines since 1986, aiming to explore Swedes' attitudes in a range of areas and to understand the evolution of the Swedish society. The SOM Institute has always focused on Swedes' habits, behaviour, opinions and values with respect to society, politics and media. Every year since 1986, thousands of Swedes have responded to SOM surveys on issues ranging from politics and media to lifestyle, health and leisure habits.

The main purpose of the surveys is to establish time series that enable researchers to analyse how various changes in society affect people's attitudes and behaviour. This explains why many of the survey questions are formulated similarly year after year. By systematically following how people's opinions and behaviour change over time, the SOM Institute can complement the results with questions aimed to identify the reasons behind observed trends. The Institute's core surveys include:

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