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The collection: Swedish Election Studies - Referendums contain Referendum study 1957 on the general supplementary pension scheme (ATP), Referendum study 1980 on nuclear power, Referendum study 1994 on Swedish membership of the European Union (EU), and Referendum study 2003 on Swedish membership of the European monetary Union (EMU).

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Political behaviour and attitudes, Elections, Government, political systems and organisations, International politics and organisations, Retirement, Social welfare systems/structures, Environment and conservation, Energy and natural resources (CESSDA Topic Classification)
Social Sciences, Political Science (The Swedish standard of fields of research 2011)

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Arndt, C. (2013). The Electoral Consequences of Third Way Welfare State Reforms: Social Democracy's Transformation and its Political Costs. Amsterdam University Press.
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Folkomröstningen om medlemskap i EU (Referendum on EU membership). Örebro ; Stockholm : Statistiska centralbyrån (SCB). ISBN: 91-618-0842-3.

Gilljam, M., & Holmberg, S. (1996) Ett knappt ja till EU : väljarna och folkomröstningen 1994. Stockholm: Norstedts juridik. ISBN: 91-39-00020-6.

Gilljam, M., & Holmberg, S. (1996) Väljarna folkomröstade. Folkomröstningen om medlemskap i EU (SOS). Stockholm: Statistics Sweden.

Holmberg, S., & Asp, K. (1984) Kampen om kärnkraften : en bok om väljare, massmedier och folkomröstningen 1980. Stockholm: Liber. ISBN: 91-38-90483-7.
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