Swedish Electoral Data

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The material includes data from all electoral districts in parliamentary elections 1948-2006, the county council and municipal elections 1976-2006, referenda 1980-2003, EU parliamentary electoral data from 1995-2004, also electoral data from 1911-1944 and from the prohibition vote in 1922. Includes information on the total number of persons entitled to vote in the general election, number of persons who actually voted, and number of valid and invalid ballots respectively. The number of votes casted by postal voting is also included.

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Elections, HISTORY, International politics and organisations, Energy and natural resources, Employment (CESSDA Topic Classification)
Social Sciences, Political Science (The Swedish standard of fields of research 2011)

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Berglund, S., & Dellenbrant, J-Å. (1987) Svensk partiregionalism. Malmö: Liber.
Swepub | Libris | Till lärosätets (oru) databas
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Gustavsson, G. (1973) Valdataarkivet 1948-1970. Lund: Department of Sociology.

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