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A national research infrastructure, SwedPop, will be built through a coordination of high-quality databases at five Swedish universities and institutes. A long-term aim is to optimize and increase the use of the unique Swedish population data: an outstanding resource for analysing the demographic, social and economic processes that transformed Sweden through the 17th-20th centuries and an extraordinary asset for micro-level analysis within a broad range of scientific fields.

The core databases are the DDB in Umeå, SEDD in Lund, GOPP in Gothenburg, the Roteman data at Stockholm City Archives and SweCens at the National Archives. Created from the 1970s and forward, through a massive digitization efforts of micro-level data, they have made major contributions to national and international research. Humans can be traced in time and space, across the life course and across generations and the multi-generation research stimulates interdisciplinary research in many disciplines. The coordination involves creating a common data structure, harmonization of metadata, a review of the coding schemes accor

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Research area

DEMOGRAPHY (POPULATION, VITAL STATISTICS, AND CENSUSES), Income, property and investment/saving, HEALTH, Censuses, Economic conditions and indicators, Specific diseases, disorders and medical conditions, General health and well-being, Diet and nutrition, Morbidity and mortality, Migration (CESSDA Topic Classification)
History, Other Agricultural Sciences not elsewhere specified, Social Sciences, Economic History, History and Archaeology, History of Religions (The Swedish standard of fields of research 2011)