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Excavations in 2015 at Stensö Castle

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Martin Rundkvist - Umeå University, Department of historical, philosophical and religious Studies

Umeå University

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Umeå University rorId


Investigations in 2015 in different parts of the archaeological site at Stensö Castle, Östra Husby parish, Östergötland, identified the western section of the castle's ringwall as well as a number of heaps of material which was extracted from the ruins for reuse. A rune carving was discovered on the outside of the southern tower, with the inscribed name 'Helge' - possibly a builder, worker, or the tower's architect. The excavations yielded rich finds of medieval ceramic, for the most part Early Red glazed ware (ca. 1250-1350 C.E.).


The aim of the archaeological investigations at Stensö Castle was to build upon the results from the 2014 excavation season at Stensö Castle.

The dataset consists of finds lists from the excavations at Stensöborg, as well as an a codebook describing the contents of the finds list. The download package also contains the excavation report.

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  • Mode of collection: Field observation
  • Time period(s) for data collection: 2015-06-01 – 2015-07-31
  • Data collector: Umeå University
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Geographic location: Östra Husby Parish, Östra Husby Parish

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History (CESSDA Topic Classification)

History and archaeology (Standard för svensk indelning av forskningsämnen 2011)

Archaeology (Standard för svensk indelning av forskningsämnen 2011)


Middle ages



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Version 1.0: 2016-10-31


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