Previous Archaeological Excavations along the 'Ostlänken' Railway Corridor 1965-2012: Fifteen Kilometers of Ancient History Beneath the Motorway - Ancient monument 271, an Early Iron Age and Migration Period cemetery, and a settlement with uncertain dating, Lundby, Trosa-Vagnhärad parish

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Swedish National Heritage Board

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Previous Archaeological Excavations along the 'Ostlänken' Railway Corridor 1965-2012: Fifteen Kilometers of Ancient History Beneath the Motorway

The ZIP file contains three Shape files with information on trenches and features, and a map in GeoTIFF format.
The excavation uncovered 40 Iron Age graves, most of which were stone settings. Few artefacts were found. The burial custom and artefacts date the cemetery to the Early Iron Age and Migaration Period. Underneath the cemetery, two areas of settlement remains were uncovered. The features included hearths, post holes and two burnt mounds. The settlement was mainly dated to the Early Iron Age, with solitary datings to the Bronze Age and Vendel Period.

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Archaeological excavation

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Settlement, Burial ground

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  • Mode of collection: Field observation
  • Description of the mode of collection: Digitalisering och georeferering av analoga ritningar och planer.
  • Time period(s) for data collection: 1979-05-10 – 1979-09-19
  • Data collector: Swedish National Heritage Board
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Geographic location: Trosa Municipality, Västerljung Parish

Geographic description: Along the E4 motorway through Västerljung and Trosa-Vagnhärad parishes.

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Organisationens dnr för undersökningen: 3403/78

ProjektID: p479003

ProjektID: 479003

RAÄ-nr: Trosa-Vagnhärad 271:1

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History (CESSDA Topic Classification)

Archaeology (Standard för svensk indelning av forskningsämnen 2011)


Wigren, Sonja & Öström, Kerstin (1986). Femton kilometer forntid under motorvägen: fornlämningar från bronsålder till medeltid i Trosa-Vagnhärads, Västerljungs och Lästringe socknar i Södermanland : arkeologiska undersökningar 1979-1981. Archaeological report 1984:30. Stockholm: Riksantikvarieämbetet

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