Order data

Data in SND’s research data catalogue are accessible free of charge. Many data are accessible via direct download, whereas other data are accessible by order. Some data have restricted access, and requests for them have to be approved by the data principal before the data can be released (e.g. after a confidentiality assessment has been made).

How do I order data?

Click the Order data button in the catalogue post, and the data will be added to your basket. The selected datasets in your basket are listed in the order form below.

How soon will I receive ordered data?

It is SND’s intention to deliver ordered data as soon as possible, normally within a day or two. If you order a dataset with restricted access, you will have to wait a few days longer before the data are delivered. You can read more about SND’s accessibility levels here.

Ordered data are delivered by e-mail or on an FTP server (for larger amounts of data). If you wish to receive data in another way, please write a message in the order form.

Read more: Using data from SND.

Selected data