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Karolinska Institute

The relatively high incidence of cervical cancer in women at older ages is an issue in countries performing cervical screening for decades. Controversy remains on when and how to cease screening. Existing population-base...

  • Pär Sparén
Published: 2017-08-28

Uppsala University

  • Swedish National Heritage Board
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Published: 2014-09-22

Lund University

When this study began in the 1940s the researchers set out with the view that a formerly more or less universal Swedish unitary ecclesiastic culture was in the process of dissolving. The socio-economic changes of the ear...

  • Lund University, Lund University Church History Archive
Published: 2014-03-25

Lund University

Lund University Church History Archive was founded in 1942. The task was to explain and document how the life and manners of the Swedish people was rooted in Christian belief and church customs. Parallel with the investi...

  • Lund University, Lund University Church History Archive
Published: 1997

Uppsala university, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History

Data set that contains information on archaeological remains of the pre historic settlement of the Letolo valley on Savaii on Samoa. It is built in ArcMap from ESRI and is based on previously unpublished surveys made by ...

  • Olof Håkansson, Uppsala University, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History.
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Published: 2018-05-03

Stockholm University

The source is comprised of transcriptions of the first 5000 words (words on from title pages, forewords, calendars etc are excluded) in the five prayer books that were published in Swedish in the years 1552-1572. Titles ...

  • Mari Eyice, Stockholm University
Published: 2019-02-14

University of Gothenburg

Fiction is an invaluable source material, being a mirror for society. It is not a straightforward reflection; sometimes literature is ahead of its time, sometimes behind the times, sometimes governed by the interests of ...

  • Mats Malm, University of Gothenburg, Department of Literature, History of Ideas and Religion
Published: 2012

Uppsala University

The study concerns the parliamentary elections (for the second chamber) from 1887, the first election of modern type in Sweden´s history with clearly demarcated political groupings within the electorate, to 1968, the las...

  • Leif Lewin, Uppsala University, Department of Government
Published: 1982


This survey forms part of the project 'Kris och krispolitik i Norden under mellankrigstiden' at the Department of History at Stockholm University. The study deals with the social conditions for unemployed during the depr...

  • Tomas Fürth, Stockholm University, Department of History
Published: 1992

Lund University

The Scanian Economic Demographic Database (SEDD) is based on family reconstitutions for nine rural parishes (Ekeby, Frillestad, Halmstad, Hässlunda, Hög, Kågeröd, Kävlinge, Sireköpinge and Stenestad) and one city (Helsin...

  • Martin Dribe, Lund University, Economic History Department
  • Patrick Svensson, Lund University, Economic History Department
  • Tommy Bengtsson, Lund University, Economic History Department
Published: 2015-09-15