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Commission of the European Communities

This dataset merges the responses to identical questions from two waves of Eurobarometer surveys, Eurobarometer 43.0, March-April 1995 (SND 0507) and Eurobarometer 43.1: International Trade and Radiation Protection, Apri...

  • Karlheinz Reif, Commission of the European Communities
  • Eric Marlier, Commission of the European Communities
  • Commission of the European Communities
Published: 1997

University of Gothenburg

The study estimates the willingness to pay (WTP) for TBE vaccination and the effect of a possible TBE vaccine subsidy on vaccination rates in Sweden. We also estimate the current vaccination coverage in areas differing i...

  • Daniel Slunge, University of Gothenburg, School of Business, Economics and Law, Department of Economics
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Published: 2015-11-22


The study group consisted of about 1500 computer users, within different occupational groups where computers were daily used. Information about physical, psycological and social working related factors and individual fa...

  • Ewa Wigaeus Tornqvist, National Institute for Working Life, Work and Health
Published: 2006

Umeå University

The Obstructive Lung Disease in Northern Sweden (OLIN) Studies, is a research program ongoing since 1985. It includes descriptive, analytic and interventional epidemiologic research on asthma, allergy, chronic bronchitis...

  • Eva Rönmark, Umeå university, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine
  • Anne Lindberg, Umeå university, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine
  • Bo Lundbäck, University of Gothenburg, Department of Internal Medicine
Published: 2012

Linnaeus University

In this study, we explore to what extent language users agree about what kind of stances are expressed in natural language use or whether their interpretations diverge. In order to perform this task, a comprehensive cogn...

  • Andreas Kerren, Linnaeus University
  • Carita Paradis, Lund University, Center for Language and Literature
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Published: 2017-10-16

University of Gothenburg

INTERGENE is a research program at the Sahlgrenska Academy, Universty of Gothenburg. The study is a collaboration between Department of community medicine and public health and Department of acute and cardiovascular medi...

  • Lauren Lissner, University of Gothenburg, Department of Public Health and Community Medicine
  • Annika Rosengren, University of Gothenburg, Department of Emergency and Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Dag Thelle
  • Kjell Torén, University of Gothenburg, Department of Public Health and Community Medicine
Published: 2011

Uppsala University

COSM is a population based cohort of men borned 1918-1952 (45-79 years old) who lived in the counties of Västmanland and Örebro in 1997. 48,860 of these 100,303 men (48.7%) responded and filled in a questionnaire with q...

  • Karl Michaëlsson, Uppsala University, Department of Surgical Sciences
Published: 2012

University of Gothenburg

Elevated level of homocysteine has been identified as a graded and independent risk factor for coronary heart disease. The metabolism of homocysteine is dependent on the availability of the B-vitamins, folate, vitamin B1...

  • Dag Thelle
  • Elisabeth Strandhagen, University of Gothenburg, Department of Public Health and Community Medicine
  • Henrik Zetterberg, University of Gothenburg, Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology
Published: 2011

Karolinska Institute

The Swedish Mammography Cohort (SMC) is a large population-based cohort of over 60,000 women in the counties of Uppsala and Västmanland which is performed by the National Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska I...

  • Alicja Wolk, Karolinska Institute, Institute of Environmental Medicine
Published: 2011

Stockholm County Council

Stockholm Diabetes Prevention Programme is a population based survey in which 3128 men and 4821 women (between the ages 35-56) from five municipalities of Stockholm County Council were screened between the years 1992-199...

  • Anton Lager, Stockholm County Council, Centre for Epidemiology and Community Medicine
Published: 2017-02-21