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University of Gothenburg

In order to identify how the evolution of society affects Swedes’ attitudes and behaviour, the SOM Institute started its National SOM study in 1986. National SOM addresses three areas - society, opinion and mass media - ...

  • University of Gothenburg, SOM Institute
Published: 2020-04-02

University of Borås

The overall scope of this study is an attempt at a methodological framework for matching publication lists at the national level against a combined set of blacklists for questionable publishing. Using the total verified ...

  • Gustaf Nelhans, University of Borås
Published: 2020-03-02

Umeå University

Plants and algae have developed various light-harvesting mechanisms for optimal delivery of excitation energy to the photosystems. Cryptophyte algae have evolved a novel soluble light-harvesting antenna utilizing phycobi...

  • Thomas Kieselbach, Umeå University, Department of Chemistry
  • Christiane Funk, Umeå University, Department of Chemistry
  • Beverley Green, University of British Columbia, Biological Sciences Building
  • Otilia Cheregi, University of Gothenburg, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Published: 2019-11-25

Luleå University of Technology

The dataset represents a compilation from user interaction data generated by users who participated in the Patras pilot (effectively, data generated by users while interacting with the SMARTBUY mobile application).

  • Karl Andersson, Luleå University of Technology
  • Damianos Gavalas, Computer Technology Institute and Press (CTI)
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Published: 2019-09-30

University of Gothenburg

The gas-phase nitrate radical (NO3*) initiated oxidation of limonene can produce organic nitrate species with varying physical properties. Low-volatility products can contribute to secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formati...

  • Mattias Hallquist, University of Gothenburg, Department of Chemistry & Molecular Biology
Published: 2018-04-09

Linnaeus University

In this study, we explore to what extent language users agree about what kind of stances are expressed in natural language use or whether their interpretations diverge. In order to perform this task, a comprehensive cogn...

  • Andreas Kerren, Linnaeus University
  • Carita Paradis, Lund University, Center for Language and Literature
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Published: 2017-10-16

University of Gothenburg

The study examines Swedish news media's reporting on scientific research during the years of 2002-2013 and whether, as well as how, this reporting has changed over time. This has been done by conducting a quantitative co...

  • Ulrika Andersson, University of Gothenburg, SOM Institute
Published: 2015-09-14