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Lund University

The Scania Diabetes Registry contains over 7000 diabetes patients recruited at hospitals in Scania, Sweden as from 1996. The majority of the patients come from the city of Malmö, and they account for about 25% of all dia...

  • Leif Groop, Lunds universitet
  • Carl-David Agardh, Lunds universitet
  • Eeron Lindholm, Lunds universitet/Malmö, Sektionen för barn/urologi/kvinnosjukvård/endokrinologi/Kliniska vetenskaper
Published: 2013-09-10

Lund University

ANDIS is a combined research and quality assurance project with the long term aim of introducing precision medicine in diabetes. In connection with a visit to your doctor or diabetes nurse personal identification number,...

  • Leif Groop, Lunds universitet
Published: 2013-09-06