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Royal Institute of Technology

We performed systematic mapping of EPC data applications by time, geographical spread, data features & auxiliary data used, problem domains addressed and complexity of employed data analysis. This mapping work was inten...

  • Oleksii Pasichnyi, Royal Institute of Technology
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Published: 2018-12-13

Stockholm University

The Generations and Gender Programme (GGP) is a Social Science Research Infrastructure that provides micro- and macro-level data which significantly improve the knowledge base for social science. The Infrastructure is ru...

  • Elizabeth Thomson, Stockholm University, Department of Sociology
Published: 2017-04-10

Umeå University

The European Representative Democracy data archive consists of cabinet-level data for 29 European democracies in post-WWII Europe. For each country it includes data for the cabinets that have formed after the introductio...

  • Staffan Andersson, Linnaeus University, Department of Political Science
  • Svante Ersson, Umeå University, Department of Political Science
  • Torbjörn Bergman, Umeå University, Department of Political Science
Published: 2015-03-10