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Uppsala University

We present ice thickness and bed topography digital elevation models (DEMs) of a land-terminating section of the Greenland Ice Sheet, based on a compilation of ground-based and airborne radar surveys. The DEMs have a tot...

  • Katrin Lindbäck, Uppsala University
  • Rickard Pettersson, Uppsala University
Published: 2019-10-16

Luleå University of Technology

The dataset represents a compilation from user interaction data generated by users who participated in the Patras pilot (effectively, data generated by users while interacting with the SMARTBUY mobile application).

  • Karl Andersson, Luleå University of Technology
  • Damianos Gavalas, Computer Technology Institute and Press (CTI)
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Published: 2019-09-30

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Annual temperature data from microhabitats inhabited by soil invertebrates at diverse locations in Svalbard (European High Arctic) and on the Antarctic peninsula. This data are recorded at hour intervals and span several...

  • Stephen Coulson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Anna Sjöblom, Uppsala University, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Peter Convey, British Antarctic Survey
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Published: 2019-09-18

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Inventory of invertebrates from two sampling visits to Edgeöya, Svalbard, in 2009 and 2010.

  • Stephen Coulson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Published: 2019-09-18

Stockholm University

The data have been used in an investigation for a PhD thesis in English Linguistics on similarities and differences in the use of the progressive aspect in two different language systems, English and Persian, both of whi...

  • Somaje Abdollahian Barough, Stockholm University
Published: 2019-09-17

Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF)

Observations of noctilucent clouds include images in the jpg format and a summary of their occurrence during summer season from the end of May to the middle of August. The time intervals between taken images are as foll...

  • Peter Dalin, Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF)
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Published: 2019-06-25

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

This data archive contains data used in the study by Fabritius et al. (2019): Estimation of metapopulation colonization rates from disturbance history and occurrence pattern data, Ecology. All data have been previously u...

  • Henna Fabritius, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Heini Lankia, University of Helsinki
  • Tuomo Wallenius, University of Helsinki
  • Gergely Várkonyi, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Friendship Park Research Centre
  • Juho Pennanen, University of Helsinki
  • Tord Snäll, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
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Published: 2019-06-03

University of Gothenburg

The NordChild study is a cross-sectional postal study among children aged 2-17 years from the five Nordic countries; Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. A random sample stratified for age and gender was drawn i...

  • Lennart Köhler, Nordic School of Public Health
  • Bo Eriksson, Nordic School of Public Health
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Published: 2019-04-11

SMHI - Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

Base cation deposition from the atmosphere provides, together with weathering, ions for neutralising acidity and, after sufficient reductions of acidifying deposition, a source for replenishing lost base cation pools. Th...

  • Christer Persson
Published: 2019-03-05

University of Gothenburg

The file contains transcriptions of 12 interviews with SEN investigators and decision-makers in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Germany. Altogether the material includes about 14 h of tape recorded material (not saved) or ...

  • Thomas Barow
Published: 2019-01-11