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Huddinge Municipality

Stockholm County Council

The Stockholm Public Health Cohort is a prospective study set within the framework of the Stockholm County Council public health surveys of 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014. The surveys involved random samples of the background...

  • Cecilia Magnusson, Stockholm County Council, Centre for Epidemiology and Community Medicine
Published: 2015-04-27

University of Gothenburg

This survey forms part of the project 'Local government autonomy - local government boundaries' and the general purpose of the survey was to supplement Local elections 1966 (SSD 0111) with information from an area with e...

  • Jörgen Westerståhl, University of Gothenburg, Department of Political Science
Published: 1991-01-01

Uppsala University

This study was made on the request of the Local Radio Committee to map the extent of looking at local television broadcasts and which groups are looking. The inhabitants of Västra Flemingsberg was asked questions about t...

  • Lowe Hedman, Uppsala University, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History.
Published: 1985-01-01