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Lund Municipality

Faculty of engineering, Lund University

The study employed a mixed design, with a within subjects repeated measures design for evaluating differences due to the different lighting applications, and a between groups design for exploring differences due to age. ...

  • Johan Rahm, Lund University, Department of Architecture
  • Maria Johansson, Lund University, Department of Architecture
Published: 2018-09-18

Lund University

Lund 80 + cohort is a longitudinal population based cohort with sequential design that started in 1988. All residents of Lund, born in 1908 and then 80 years, were invited for a first examination. The baseline population...

  • Torbjörn Svensson, Lund University, Faculty of Medicine
  • Björn Slaug, Lund University
Published: 2014-08-29

University of Gothenburg

The SOM survey in Skåne has been conducted since 2001. The purpose of the regional surveys is to enable SOM researchers to study attitudes and behaviour linked to local and regional issues. They emphasise public service...

  • University of Gothenburg, SOM Institute
Published: 2006

University of Gothenburg

This is the second SOM survey carried out in the Skåne region. Unlike Southern SOM 2001 - geographically limited to ten municipalities in the south western part of Skåne - the 2004 survey was carried out in the whole Skå...

  • University of Gothenburg, SOM Institute
Published: 2006