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University of Gothenburg

The NordChild study is a cross-sectional postal study among children aged 2-17 years from the five Nordic countries; Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. A random sample stratified for age and gender was drawn i...

  • Lennart Köhler, Nordic School of Public Health
  • Bo Eriksson, Nordic School of Public Health
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Published: 2019-04-11

SMHI - Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

Base cation deposition from the atmosphere provides, together with weathering, ions for neutralising acidity and, after sufficient reductions of acidifying deposition, a source for replenishing lost base cation pools. Th...

  • Christer Persson
Published: 2019-03-05

Stockholm University

The Generations and Gender Programme (GGP) is a Social Science Research Infrastructure that provides micro- and macro-level data which significantly improve the knowledge base for social science. The Infrastructure is ru...

  • Elizabeth Thomson, Stockholm University, Department of Sociology
Published: 2017-04-10

Information not available, contact SND for more information

The study's aim was to investigate oblong brooches of Vendel Period Scandinavia, i.e. Ørsnes types N & O and similar brooches, including transitional types surviving into the Early Viking Period. A database of 593 brooch...

  • Martin Rundkvist
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Published: 2015-10-19

Umeå University

The European Representative Democracy data archive consists of cabinet-level data for 29 European democracies in post-WWII Europe. For each country it includes data for the cabinets that have formed after the introductio...

  • Staffan Andersson, Linnaeus University, Department of Political Science
  • Svante Ersson, Umeå University, Department of Political Science
  • Torbjörn Bergman, Umeå University, Department of Political Science
Published: 2015-03-10

Södertörns högskola

The Comparative Parliamentary Democracy Data Archive data set consist of cabinet-level data of 17 Western European democracies for post-WWII cabinets through January 1, 1999. All together, a total of 424 coalitions, sing...

  • Torbjörn Bergman, Umeå University, Department of Political Science
  • Kaare Strøm, University of California, San Diego, The Department of Political Science
  • Wolfgang Müller, University of Vienna, Department of Government
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Published: 2011-10-19

University of Gothenburg

Information about GDP per capita; GDP growth; total public expenditure as percent of GDP; percent public consumption; gini coefficient for equivalent disposable income; percent imports from developing countries; inflatio...

  • Björn Gustafsson, University of Gothenburg, Department of Social Work
  • Mats Johansson, Institute for Future Studies
Published: 2004

Commission of the European Communities

This round of Eurobarometer surveys queried respondents on standard Eurobarometer measures such as public awareness of and attitudes toward the European Union (EU), and also focused on new member states, the General Agre...

  • Karlheinz Reif, Commission of the European Communities
  • Eric Marlier, Commission of the European Communities
  • Commission of the European Communities
Published: 1997