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Stockholm University

This study is an investigation of the agrarian landscape in the western part of Ostergotland County (in Sweden). The study was published in the form of a dissertation in Human Geography written (in German) by Steffan Hel...

  • Johan Berg, Stockholms universitet, Kulturgeografiska institutionen
  • Staffan Helmfrid, Stockholms universitet, Kulturgeografiska institutionen
Published: 2019-10-31

Lund University

Aim: To investigate the current lighting situation in Swedish homes with regard to lamp purchasing behaviour, lighting characteristics and light related behaviour. Primary research question: What lighting do Swedish res...

  • Kiran Maini Gerhardsson, Lund University, Department of Architecture
Published: 2019-10-30

Karolinska Institute

High-risk human papillomavirus (hrHPV) infection is established as the major cause of invasive cervical cancer (ICC). However, whether hrHPV status in the tumor is associated with subsequent prognosis of ICC is controver...

  • Pär Sparén, Karolinska Institutet, Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Published: 2019-10-21

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

The data file is the raw data collected in Fiby urskog, south Sweden in order to perform a paleoecological study, covering ca 7000 years, using pollen analysis, including spores, charcoal fragments and mineral particles ...

  • Jerry Skoglund, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Ecology
  • Håkan Hytteborn, Uppsala University, Department of Ecology and Genetics
  • Sven Karlsson, Stockholm University, Department of Physical Geography
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Published: 2019-10-03

Stockholm University

The data have been used in an investigation for a PhD thesis in English Linguistics on similarities and differences in the use of the progressive aspect in two different language systems, English and Persian, both of whi...

  • Somaje Abdollahian Barough, Stockholm University
Published: 2019-09-17

University of Gothenburg

The material consists of sound files used as noise exposure during sleep trials in a laboratory environment. The trials aim was to look at physiological effects during sleep when exposed to wind turbine noise. The sound ...

  • Mikael Ögren, University of Gothenburg
Published: 2019-09-04

University of Gothenburg

This dataset is based on a choice experiment on tick-borne disease risk and recreational choice. It contains the variables used in the study “Valuation When Baselines Are Changing: Tick-borne Disease Risk and Recreationa...

  • Daniel Slunge, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development
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Published: 2019-08-28

Sveriges Television

This exit poll survey was carried out in connection with the survey European parliament election 2019. In VALU - Swedish exit poll surveys - voters leaving polling stations are asked by public service broadcaster Sverige...

  • Per Näsman, Royal Institute of Technology, Division of Safety Research
  • Sören Holmberg, University of Gothenburg, Department of Political Science
  • Henrik Ekengren Oscarsson, University of Gothenburg, Department of Political Science
  • Kajsa Gudmundson, Sveriges Television
  • Eva Landahl, Sveriges Television
Published: 2019-08-23

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

The dataset contains reports of phenological observations, made at more than 700 locations throughout Sweden between 1865 and 1951. The observations were mainly conducted by local weather observers, assigned by the Swedi...

  • Ola Langvall, The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Unit for Field-based Forest Research
  • Åslög Dahl, University of Gothenburg, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences
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Published: 2019-05-28

University of Gothenburg

Radiosonde profile from a clear day in late winter with rise-rate ~2m/s and 1 second sampling rate. Key variables: Altitude (m AGL), Pressure (Pascal), Speed (m/s), Heading (degrees), Temperature (C), Relative humidity...

  • David Rayner, University of Gothenburg, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Nils Wallenberg, University of Gothenburg, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Lorenzo Minola, University of Gothenburg, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Céline Heuzé, University of Gothenburg, Department of Earth Sciences
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Published: 2019-05-10