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University of Gothenburg

The study aimed to investigate the pharmacological effects of the drug eflornithine against parasites in vitro. AlamarBlue serial drug dilution assay was used to quantify parasite growth inhibition and a fluorescence scan...

  • Mikael Boberg, University of Gothenburg, Institution for Neuroscience and physiology
Published: 2021-02-22
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Karolinska Institutet

Enteral nutrition (EN) is a ubiquitous intervention in ICU patients but there is uncertainty regarding the optimal dose, timing and importance for patient-centered outcomes during critical illness. Our research group has...

  • Olav Rooyackers, Karolinska Institutet
  • Martin Sundström Rehal, Karolinska Institutet
Published: 2020-07-01
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University of Gothenburg

Elevated level of homocysteine has been identified as a graded and independent risk factor for coronary heart disease. The metabolism of homocysteine is dependent on the availability of the B-vitamins, folate, vitamin B1...

  • Dag Thelle
  • Elisabeth Strandhagen, University of Gothenburg, Department of Public Health and Community Medicine
  • Henrik Zetterberg, University of Gothenburg, Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology
Published: 2011-01-01