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Malmö University

This study is a collaboration between Stockholm University and Gävleborg Police District. The overreaching aim of the study is to improve the ability to plan and execute crime prevention in Gävleborg. Aim - to measure ...

  • Marie Torstensson Levander, Malmö University, Faculty of Health and Society
Published: 2020-09-07

University of Gothenburg

Security measurement in Skaraborg 1998 is a student essay (c level) in social psychology conducted at Skövde University. The data material has been made available with the approval of supervisor Bo Eriksson, University o...

  • Bo G Eriksson, University of Gothenburg, Department of Sociology and Work Science
  • Jennie Gustavsson (student), University of Skovde, Institutionen för kommunikation och information
  • Frida Kristoffersson (student), University of Skovde, Institutionen för kommunikation och information
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Published: 2006-01-01
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Uppsala University

The purpose of the survey is to describe and measure the Swedish class structure regarding mobility, political activity, attitudes and consciousness. A battery of questions addressed work-related issues such as supervisi...

  • Göran Ahrne, Uppsala University, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History.
Published: 1984-01-01
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