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Mid Sweden University

Three scenarios of large-scale deployment for riparian buffers and windbreaks, across over 81,000 landscapes in Europe, with quantified corresponding areas, biomass output, and environmental benefits. Abstract: Within ...

  • Oskar Englund, Mid Sweden University, Dept. of Ecotechnology and sustainable building engineering
Published: 2021-07-09
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University of Gothenburg

The study on Rural Energy and Household Forest Values under Varying Management Regimes was conducted in Ethiopia. The general objective of this survey is to study household behavior regarding sustainable land use. Househ...

  • Zenebe Gebregziabher, Mekele University, Department of Economics
Published: 2020-10-30
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Umeå University

Plants and algae have developed various light-harvesting mechanisms for optimal delivery of excitation energy to the photosystems. Cryptophyte algae have evolved a novel soluble light-harvesting antenna utilizing phycobi...

  • Thomas Kieselbach, Umeå University, Department of Chemistry
  • Christiane Funk, Umeå University, Department of Chemistry
  • Beverley Green, University of British Columbia, Biological Sciences Building
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Published: 2019-11-25