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Linköping University

The International Negotiations Survey is a research program with the aim to advance interdisciplinary knowledge using questionnaire data collected at international negotiations. The International Negotiations Survey tea...

  • Björn-Ola Linnér, Linköpings universitet, Institutionen för tema
Published: 2017-01-31

University of Gothenburg

Since 1986 the SOM-institute has been carrying out an annual nation-wide survey - the National SOM - in order to identify the Swedish public's habits and attitudes on the topics of society, politics and media. National S...

  • University of Gothenburg, SOM Institute
Published: 2010-04-01
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Umeå University

In order to capture the views that the citizens in the northern parts of Sweden hold on regionalization and their opinions about the preconditions for development in the north, a citizen survey was carried out from Septe...

  • Anders Lidström, Umeå University, Department of Political Science
Published: 2010-01-01
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The purpose of the survey was to obtain current knowledge about the work situation, as well as deepened understanding for important conditions, for different occupational groups with academic background. A questionnaire ...

  • Annika Härenstam, University of Gothenburg, Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap
  • Gunnar Aronsson, Stockholm University, Department of Psychology
  • Eva Bejerot, National Institute for Working Life, Work Organisation and Health in Human Services
Published: 2006-01-01
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Lund University

The purpose of the study is to give a nuanced image of activists within the Global Justice Movement in Sweden. Based on a survey carried through at three Swedish local social forums in 2004, the study highlights some asp...

  • Hilma Holm, Malmö University, Faculty of Education and Society
  • Magnus Wennerhag, Lund University, Department of Sociology
  • Johan Lindgren, Lund University, Department of Sociology
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Published: 2006-01-01
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