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Umeå University

High spatial resolution dataset of CO2 evasion in a stream network in northern Sweden (52.5 km2; Miellajokka catchment). We measured key hydrological parameters to estimate k600, directly determined the pCO2, and estimat...

  • Umeå university, Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
  • Gerard Rocher-Ros, Umeå University
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Published: 2019-02-27

Uppsala University

Quick-clay landslides are common geohazards in Nordic countries and Canada. The presence of potential quick clays is confirmed using geotechnical investigations, but near-surface geophysical methods, such as seismic and ...

  • Silvia Salas Romero, Uppsala universitet, Geosciences
  • Alireza Malehmir, Uppsala universitet, Geosciences
  • Ian Snowball, Uppsala universitet, Geosciences
  • Benoît Dessirier, Uppsala universitet, Geosciences
Published: 2019-01-18