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Region Skåne

BIG3 is a Scanian research project in which the name BIG3 is aiming at three major diseases: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer. The overall goal of BIG3 is to understan...

  • Ulf Malmqvist, Region Skåne
Published: 2014-10-27

Uppsala University

COSM is a population based cohort of men borned 1918-1952 (45-79 years old) who lived in the counties of Västmanland and Örebro in 1997. 48,860 of these 100,303 men (48.7%) responded and filled in a questionnaire with q...

  • Karl Michaëlsson, Uppsala University, Department of Surgical Sciences
Published: 2012-01-01