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Umeå University

In 1981 a longitudinal study began that includes all pupils who attended or should have attended the last year of compulsory school in the municipality of Luleå. The population consists of 1083 pupils (506 girls and 577 ...

  • Anne Hammarström
Published: 2017-05-05

University of Gothenburg

Since 1986 the SOM-institute has been carrying out an annual nation-wide survey - the National SOM - in order to identify the Swedish public's habits and attitudes on the topics of society, politics and media. National S...

  • University of Gothenburg, SOM Institute
Published: 2013-04-02
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Uppsala University

The purpose of this project is to study the relationship between people's own body-associations and identity-conceptions in an extensive survey of individuals between 20 and 85 years of age. Among others; it intend to sc...

  • Lars Tornstam, Uppsala University, Department of Sociology
  • Peter Öberg, Uppsala University, Department of Sociology
Published: 2005-01-01
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