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Uppsala University

The aim of this survey was to shed light on the Swedish people´s attitudes towards their taxes. To be able to make a special study of self-employed, particularly in questions concerning tax evasion, this group was over-r...

  • Axel Hadenius, Uppsala University, Department of Government
Published: 1995-01-01
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University of Gothenburg

The Household Market and Nonmarket Activities (HUS) project started as a joint research project between the Industrial Institute for Economic and Social Research (IUI) and Göteborg University in 1980. The ambition was to...

  • Anders Klevmarken, University of Gothenburg, Department of Economics
  • Lennart Flood, University of Gothenburg, Department of Economics
Published: 1992-01-01
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Stiftelsen för Opinionsanalyser

This is the first survey in a collection of studies on Swedish opinion conducted during the period 1979-1985. While the purpose has been to collect rather detailed information on the public opinion, the questionnaires ha...

  • Stiftelsen för Opinionsanalyser
  • Gunnar Boalt, Stiftelsen för Opinionsanalyser
  • Gunnar Ekman, Stiftelsen för Opinionsanalyser
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Published: 1984-01-01
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