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Stockholm University

Stockholm University

The corpus project lasted for three years, 2009-2011. Between June 2009 and March 2011, recordings were made with 42 informants aged 20 to 82 years old from different regions in the country. The recordings contain a vari...

  • Johanna Mesch, Stockholm University
Published: 2020-11-10

Stockholm University

The study investigates two multilayer networks of policy actors and policy issues. Using data derived from two venues for collaborative water governance in the Norrström basin, Sweden, we investigate whether and how poli...

  • Johanna Hedlund, Stockholm University, Stockholm Resilience Centre
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Published: 2020-10-30

Stockholm University

The Swedish Sign Language Corpus includes recordings and documentation of sign language texts, produced by Swedish Sign Language signers.

  • Johanna Mesch, Stockholm University, Department of Linguistics
  • Lars Wallin, Stockholm University, Department of Linguistics
  • Anna-Lena Nilsson, Stockholm University, Department of Linguistics
  • Brita Bergman, Stockholm University, Department of Linguistics
Published: 2020-09-24

Stockholm University

1. Collaborative approaches to environmental governance are drawing increased interest in research and practice. In this article we investigate the structure and functioning of actor networks engaged in collaboration. ...

  • Örjan Bodin, Stockholm University, Stockholm Resilience Centre
  • Lisen Schultz, Stockholm University
  • Ryan Plummer, Brock University
  • Derek Armitage, University of Waterloo
  • Julia Baird, Brock University
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Published: 2020-06-01

Stockholm University

Theoretical and empirical work highlight the importance of trust and reciprocity in economic exchange. Online reputational feedback systems are crucial in generating trust and this is essential for economic success. Disc...

  • Emma von Essen, Stockholm University, Department of Economics
Published: 2020-02-28

Stockholm University

Communication between resource users has repeatedly been shown to be of significant importance in environmental management. The proposed causal mechanisms are numerous, ranging from the ability of users to share informat...

  • Örjan Bodin, Stockholm University, Stockholm Resilience Centre
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Published: 2019-12-03

Stockholm University

This study is an investigation of the agrarian landscape in the western part of Ostergotland County (in Sweden). The study was published in the form of a dissertation in Human Geography written (in German) by Steffan Hel...

  • Johan Berg, Stockholms universitet, Kulturgeografiska institutionen
  • Staffan Helmfrid, Stockholms universitet, Kulturgeografiska institutionen
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Published: 2019-10-31

Stockholm University

The data have been used in an investigation for a PhD thesis in English Linguistics on similarities and differences in the use of the progressive aspect in two different language systems, English and Persian, both of whi...

  • Somaje Abdollahian Barough, Stockholm University
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Published: 2019-09-17

Stockholm University

Tree-ring width (TRW) and maximum density (MXD) from Tornetrask in northern Sweden, covering the period AD 500 - 2004. Non-climatological growth trends in the data are removed using Regional Curve Standardization (RCS). ...

  • Håkan Grudd, Stockholm University, Department of Physical Geography
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Published: 2019-05-07

Stockholm University

Data for water samples obtained during three expeditions to the Arctic Ocean in 2001, 2005, and 2008.

  • Örjan Gustafsson, Stockholm university, The Biogeochemistry Unit
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Published: 2019-03-05