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Uppsala University

In 1975 burial site 12 a in Kvillinge parish, Östergötland was investigated. At the same time a small phosphate mapping was also performed. The reason for the investigation was a planned railway, from the southern main l...

  • Swedish National Heritage Board, UV Öst
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Published: 2019-12-18

Uppsala University

We present ice thickness and bed topography digital elevation models (DEMs) of a land-terminating section of the Greenland Ice Sheet, based on a compilation of ground-based and airborne radar surveys. The DEMs have a tot...

  • Katrin Lindbäck, Uppsala University
  • Rickard Pettersson, Uppsala University
Published: 2019-10-16

Uppsala University

During IPY4-Kinnvika an Automatic Weather Station (AWS) was installed on the western margin of the Vestfonna Ice Cap, Svalbard by a group from the Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden. The record incl...

  • Ulf Jonsell, Swedish Polar Research Secretariat
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Published: 2017-08-30

Uppsala University

Investigations in the E4 road section stretching between Brohagen and Järna interchange in Södermanland were carried out in 1980-81 by Riksantikvarieämbetet. The areas investigated were RAÄ 13 and RAÄ 318.

  • Swedish National Heritage Board
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Published: 2016-08-12

Uppsala University

Health assessments were performed on subjects living in a city area. In total was 24 179 invited and 18 543 responded. Of the responders were 5 885 later examined. The results of the ECG, X-ray and medical examinations c...

  • Marieann Högman, Uppsala University, Department of Medical Sciences
Published: 2015-04-30

Uppsala University

In the county of Västmanland (Latin: Westmannia), situated about 100 km west of Stockholm, the Westmannia Cardiovascular Risk Factors Study (WICTORY) was started in 1989 by the County Council of Västmanland with the aim ...

  • Jerzy Leppert, Uppsala Universitet, Center for Clinical Research, Västerås
Published: 2015-04-29

Uppsala University

COSM is a population based cohort of men borned 1918-1952 (45-79 years old) who lived in the counties of Västmanland and Örebro in 1997. 48,860 of these 100,303 men (48.7%) responded and filled in a questionnaire with q...

  • Karl Michaëlsson, Uppsala University, Department of Surgical Sciences
Published: 2012

Uppsala University

The Swedish Mammography Cohort (SMC) is a large population-based cohort of over 60,000 women in the counties of Uppsala and Västmanland which is performed by the National Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska I...

  • Karl Michaëlsson, Uppsala University, Department of Surgical Sciences
Published: 2011