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Experimental study

Halmstad University

This study is a part of the research project eMC-Hammer. It describes an iterative approach to determine quasi-optical properties of standard 3D printer filament material to, in an inexpensive and fast way, construct foc...

  • Pererik Andreasson, Halmstad University
Published: 2019-04-24

Faculty of engineering, Lund University

The study employed a mixed design, with a within subjects repeated measures design for evaluating differences due to the different lighting applications, and a between groups design for exploring differences due to age. ...

  • Johan Rahm, Lund University, Department of Architecture
  • Maria Johansson, Lund University, Department of Architecture
Published: 2018-09-18

University of Gothenburg

The gas-phase nitrate radical (NO3*) initiated oxidation of limonene can produce organic nitrate species with varying physical properties. Low-volatility products can contribute to secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formati...

  • Mattias Hallquist, University of Gothenburg, Department of Chemistry & Molecular Biology
Published: 2018-04-09

University of Gothenburg

Dental care patients (n=95) participated in a quasi-experiment during 2012 in Sweden. The respondents were interviewed twice about dental visits they had made between 2002 and 2012. For verification purposes, the narrati...

  • Pär-Anders Granhag, University of Gothenburg, Department of Psychology
  • Rebecca Willén, University of Gothenburg, Department of Psychology
Published: 2017-09-26

Stockholm University

The data is from an experimental study of a simple random sample of about 1000 adults from the Swedish population. The sample is similar by gender, age, income and education to this population. In addition, we have a hig...

  • Astri Muren, Stockholm University, Department of Economics
Published: 2017-04-19

Umeå University

NSDD is a database with harmonised data from two population based projects ”Västerbotten Intervention Project” och ”MONICA in northern Sweden”. Information is collected by a validated, semi-quantitative, food frequenc...

  • Ingegerd Johansson, Umeå University, Institute of Odontology
  • Anna Winkvist, University of Gothenburg, Department of internal medicine and clinical nutrition
Published: 2016-11-15

Lund University

Systems for studying the toxicity of metal aggregates on the airways are normally not suited for evaluating the effects of individual particle characteristics. This study validates a set-up for toxicological studies of m...

  • Christian Svensson, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, Department of Design Sciences
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Published: 2016-03-01

Kristianstad University

The data collection started in 2012 when students in grade 8 answered a questionnaire. The students were followed up after 3 months and after 12 months. Additional data collections are planned when the students are in hi...

  • Agneta Berg, Kristianstad University Sweden, School of health and society
Published: 2015-04-14

Luleå University of Technology

Aggregates are a common particle type in the air - irregular particles built up by smaller primaries/monomers. One aim of the work is to present and test methods, experimental and theoretical, to characterize aggregates ...

  • Christian Svensson, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, Department of Design Sciences
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Published: 2015-03-17

Linköping University

Background: Otosclerosis is a disorder that impairs middle ear function, leading to conductive hearing loss. Surgical treatment results in large improvement of hearing at low sound frequencies, but high-frequency hearing...

  • Anders Fridberger, Linköping University, Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, IKE
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Published: 2015-01-08