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Malmö Diet Cancer

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Malmö Diet Cancer


1. To screen for dietary habits in order to predict incident cancers in the general population
2. To screen for cardiovascular risk factors and early atherosclerosis in a sub-sample.


The MDC was started in the early 1990s as a screening survey in the middle-aged population of Malmö, the third largest city of Sweden. 28000 subjects living in Malmö were during 1991-1996 invited by letter and through public advertisement to a clinical examination whitch included blood sampling and a questionnaire about nutrition. 62 % of the participants were women. Cardiovascular risk factors were measured in a random subsample (n= 6000). After 16 years, during 2007-2012, a new clinical examination and blood sampling was performed (n=3700). Morbidity and mortality have been followed up by national registers.

Time period covered:

1991 - ongoing

Mode of data collection:

1991 - 2012 (Self-administered questionnaire: paper)
1991 - 2012 (Physical measurements and tests)
1991 - 2012 (Other)

Geographic location:


Unit of analysis:



Individuals at age 45-73 at first screening, living in Malmö, Sweden.

Time Method/Study design:

Longitudinal: Cohort: Prospective

Sampling procedure:

Total universe

Availability status:

3b - Data are not available at SND. Please contact the research institute representative for more information


Olle Melander


EXT 0012-001

Malmö Diet Cancer

Kind of data:

Measurement data: Biological measurements, Measurement data: Physical measurements, Survey data: Independent surveys

Collection events:

1991 - 2012 (Self-administered questionnaire: paper)
1991 - 2012 (Physical measurements and tests)
1991 - 2012 (Other)

Number of individuals/objects:


Response frequency:


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Manjer J, Carlsson S, Elmståhl S, Gullberg B, Janzon L, Lindström M, Mattisson I, Berglund G. The Malmö Diet and Cancer Study: representativity, cancer incidence and mortality in participants and non-participants. Eur J Cancer Prev 2001;10:489-99.

Manjer J, Elmståhl S, Janzon L, Berglund G. Invitation to a population-based cohort study: differences between subjects recruited using various strategies. Scand J Public Health 2002;30:103-12.

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