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Malmö Diet Cancer

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Malmö Diet Cancer


1. To screen for dietary habits and genetic markers in order to predict incident cancers in the general population
2. To screen for cardiovascular risk factors and early atherosclerosis in a sub-sample.


The MDC was started in the early 1990s as a screening survey in the middle-aged population of Malmö, the third largest city of Sweden. 28000 subjects living in Malmö were during 1992-1996 invited by letter to a clinical examination, food-frequency questionnaire and blood sampling. The participation rate was 41%, 2/3 of the participants were women. In a random subsample (n= 6000) additional measurements of cardiovascular risk factors. After 15 years, during 2007-2009, a new clinical examination and blood sampling was performed (n=3300). Morbidity and mortality have been followed up by national registers.

Time period covered:

1992 - ongoing

Mode of data collection:

1992 - 2009 (Fixed form self-administered questionnaire: paper)
1992 - 2009 (Physical measurements and tests)
1992 - 2009 (Other)

Geographic location:


Unit of analysis:



Individuals at age 45-70 at first screening, living in Malmö, Sweden.

Time Method/Study design:

Longitudinal: Cohort: Prospective

Sampling procedure:

Total universe

Availability status:

3b - Data are not available at SND. Please contact the research institute representative for more information


Olle Melander


EXT 0012-001

Malmö Diet Cancer

Kind of data:

Measurement data: Biological measurements, Measurement data: Physical measurements, Survey data: Independent surveys

Collection events:

1992 - 2009 (Fixed form self-administered questionnaire: paper)
1992 - 2009 (Physical measurements and tests)
1992 - 2009 (Other)

Number of individuals/objects:


Response frequency:


Study level documentation:

Dataset 001 - Malmö Diet Cancer

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Manjer J, Carlsson S, Elmståhl S, Gullberg B, Janzon L, Lindström M, Mattisson I, Berglund G. The Malmö Diet and Cancer Study: representativity, cancer incidence and mortality in participants and non-participants. Eur J Cancer Prev 2001;10:489-99.

Manjer J, Elmståhl S, Janzon L, Berglund G. Invitation to a population-based cohort study: differences between subjects recruited using various strategies. Scand J Public Health 2002;30:103-12.

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