Creator/Principal investigator(s)

Sölve Elmståhl - Lund University, Department of Clinical Sciences Medicine in Malmö. Division of Geriatric Medicine


The national study SNAC - The Swedish National Study on Aging and Care, includes four participating areas: SNAC-Blekinge, SNAC Kungsholmen, SNAC Nordanstig and SNAC Skåne Gott Åldrande i Skåne (GÅS). In all four areas, a independently research centre conducts a population study and a health care system study. (Metadata related to the main study SNAC and the other participating areas can be found under the Related studies tab).

Gott Åldrande i Skåne is intended for a random selection of people, 60 years and older, who live in the municipalities of Malmö, Eslöv, Hässleholm, Osby and Ystad. The study consists of two parts – the population study and the care system study.

The population study:
The baseline examination was conducted between 2001-2004, with a total of 2,931 individuals aged 60-93 years. The baseline examination included clinical examinations by a physician, a psychologist and a nurse as well as a questionnaire. The first re-examination of participants aged >78 years was performed during 2005-2007. The second re-examination of each participant in the baseline examination

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Research principal, contributors, and funding

Research principal

Lund University

Responsible department/unit

Department of Clinical Sciences in Malmö, Lund University


Ole Larsen - Lund University

Henrik Ekström - Lund University

Protection and ethical review

Data contains personal data


Sensitive personal data


Type of personal data

Demographics, Biometrics, Medical

Code key exists


Ethics Review

Swedish Ethical Review Authority - Ref. 2021_05847-02 (EPM)

- Ref. 2015/859 (Lund); 2017/539 (Lund);

Lund - Ref. 951-02, LU 650-00, LU 744-00

Method and time period


Individuals aged 60 or over, residing in Eslöv, Malmö, Osby, Hässleholm or Ystad.

Study design

Observational study

Description of study design

The study is a longitudinal sequential population based cohort study of the general population covering five municipalites including urban and rural areas in southern Sweden. The population Register was used for a randomised Invitation of participants . The study covers medical examination, physical and cognitive assessment and questionnaire including sociodemographics, life style factors, economy, QoL, formal and informal care.

Sampling procedure

Population part: The sample of older people in the participating areas includes nine representative cohorts aged 60, 66, 72, 78, 81, 84, 87, 90 and 93 years with supplementary selections for the younger and the oldest age groups. Re-examination takes place every three years for people 78 years and older and every six years for people 60-72 years.
Every six years, new cohorts of 60 and 81 year old's are included from the five municipalities (2007/2013/2020/)

The care system part: Collection of information within the healthcare system part was initiated in all areas with a cross-sectional survey involving all persons, who as of February 1, 2001 received long-term care and care financed by the municipality or county council.

Time period(s) investigated

2001 – ongoing

Biobank is connected to the study

The study has collected samples/material which are stored in a scientific collection or biobank

Scientific collection or biobank name: SNAC-S

Type(s) of sample: Blood tests and brain imaging (MRI)

Geographic coverage

Geographic spread

Geographic location: Osby Municipality, Malmö Municipality, Eslöv Municipality, Ystad Municipality, Hässleholm Municipality

Geographic description: Skåne (Eslöv, Malmö, Osby, Hässleholm och Ystad)

Topic and keywords


care of the elderly, aged, ageing, housing for the elderly, pensions, living conditions, mental health, age groups, health services, therapeutics, activities of daily living, physical examination, blood pressure, aged, 80 and over, blood specimen collection, epidemiologic studies, cohort studies, dental care for aged, data collection, health surveys, dementia, population characteristics, frail elderly, hearing, geriatric psychiatry, life style, interview, medicine, heart function tests, electrocardiography, follow-up studies, nursing care, geriatric nursing, memory, longitudinal studies, prospective studies, exercise, population surveillance, vision tests, social sciences, socioeconomic factors, risk factors, middle aged, mortality, marital status, cause of death, surveys and questionnaires, epidemiology, public health, health, health services research, economics, medical, health status, body weight, culture, drug utilization, retention, psychology, organizational innovation, retirement, interpersonal relations, registries, disease, hospitalization, morbidity, delivery of health care, social environment, social conditions, social problems, social support, vision, ocular, quality of life, housing conditions, leisure time activities, height (physiology), weight (physiology), respiratory function, assistance needs, balance, swedish cohort consortium (scc), scania, blood count, concentrations capacity,, epihealth, near- national e-infrastructure for aging research, epihealth_skåne, renal function, walking test


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Creator/Principal investigator(s)

Sölve Elmståhl - Lund University, Department of Clinical Sciences Medicine in Malmö. Division of Geriatric Medicine

Time period(s) investigated

2001 – ongoing

Data collection

  • Time period(s) for data collection: 2001-02-01

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Is part of collection at SND

Swedish Cohort Consortium (

NEAR - National E-Infrastructure for Aging Research in Sweden

Scania Metadatabase for Epidemiology (SME)

SNAC - Swedish National study on Aging and Care.

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