Krycklan Catchment Study


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Creator/Principal investigator(s)

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Unit for Field-based Forest Research


The Krycklan Catchment Study (KCS) is one of the most ambitious projects which integrate water quality, hydrology and aquatic ecology in running waters in the boreal region. KCS provide data services and high quality field data to allow state-of-the-art research in hydrological, biogeochemical and ecological processes. KCS aim to do basic science, develop new generations of water management models and provide background information for improved environmental guidelines.



Research principal, contributors, and funding

Responsible department/unit

Unit for Field-based Forest Research

Protection and ethical review

Data contains personal data


Method and time period

Time period(s) investigated

1981 – ongoing

Geographic coverage

Geographic spread

Geographic description: Krycklan watershed catchment


Laudon, H., I. Taberman, A. Ågren, M. Futter, M. Ottosson-Löfvenius, and K. Bishop (2013), The Krycklan Catchment Study—A flagship infrastructure for hydrology, biogeochemistry, and climate research in the boreal landscape, Water Resour. Res., 49, doi:10.1002/wrcr.20520.

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Published: 2019-10-02
Last updated: 2020-02-20