Arctic Ocean 2016 - GPS Metadata Records


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Creator/Principal investigator(s)

Hans-Martin Heyn - NTNU AMOS - Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems


This dataset contains data collected during the Canadian-Swedish expedition Arctic Ocean 2016. The research cruise took place August through September 2016, using the icebreaker Oden.

For ship data from the cruise, as well as graphics and files describing the route, see

For descriptions of Work Packages and research conducted during the cruise, see the SWEDARCTIC Arctic Ocean 2016 Expedition Report:

Additional information on the expedition, including links to publications, is available at

Work Package: Ice Management

During the expedition, the GPS signal was logged by an u-Blox EVK-6T-0-001 receiver and an ANN-MS antenna. Besides the position signal, the following signals were logged as well: Ephemeris data, Time and position, Satellite elevation and azimuth, Pseudo-range, carrier-phase, Doppler and Ionospheric correction. The aim is to investigate the signal quality of GPS in the Arctic region.

Data include:

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Method and time period

Time period(s) investigated

2016-08-08 – 2016-08-20

Geographic coverage

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Geographic location: Arctic

Published: 2019-10-16