Scandinavian Runic-text Database

SND-ID: EXT 0079

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Lena Peterson - Uppsala University, Department of Scandinavian Languages

Lennart Elmevik - Uppsala University, Department of Scandinavian Languages

Henrik Williams - Uppsala University, Department of Scandinavian Languages


The database contains all Nordic runic text, including ones found outside of the Nordic countries. The text are provided in transliterised and normalised form, plus translated to English. Attached to the texts is information on time period, area of discovery, excerpt source, object type, image links, geographic coordinates etc. A variety of different searches can be made in the text files using specially designed software. The database contains approximately 6500 scriptures. Together with search programs and a user manual the database can be locally downloaded to your own computer.
Lacks the Dala scriptures,


The aim of the project has been to collect all Nordic rune-texts, including those found outside the Nordic countries, in a machine-readable format for the benefit of a number of disciplines.



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Research principal

Uppsala University


Marco Bianchi - Uppsala University, Department of Scandinavian Languages

Magnus Källström - Swedish National Heritage Board

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Geographic location: Sweden, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway, United Kingdom


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Elmevik, Lennart och Peterson, Lena, 1997: Samnordisk runtextdatabas: slutrapport. I: Nytt om runer 12. S. 33-34.
ISSN: 0801-3756

Peterson, Lena, 1994: Scandinavian Runic-text Database: a Presentation. Im: The Twelfth Viking Congress. Developments Around the Baltic and North Sea in the Viking Age. Ed. Björn Ambrosiani & Helen Clarke. Stockholm. (Birka studies 3.) pp. 305-309.
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Williams, H. och Lagman, S. (1989) Beskrivning av datorlagringen av det vikingatida runmaterialet. I Runrön 1. Uppsala: Institutionen för nordiska språk vid Uppsala universitet

Källström, Magnus, 2005: Gamla och nya vägar till Sveriges runinskrifter. En kritisk översikt av källpublikationerna för svenska runtexter. I: Historisk tidskrift 2005:2. S. 300-308.

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