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Umeå university, Demographic database


The database TABVERK contains population statistics in the Swedish parishes during the period 1749-1859. It constitutes the earliest population statistics throughout the world making it a unique source. Merely in Finland, a similar time serial of data exists. The database gathers all the information about the parishes’ populations that Swedish clergymens filled out in large forms of tables which were reported to the Tabellkommissionen in Stockholm. Now this information is accessible through the agency of the Demographic Data Base.

The database contain information on births, deaths, marriage, and occupation. The population is describe by sex, age, civil status, and by occupation and social status every fifth year. Yearly statistics is given about the demographical events, fertility, mortality and nuptiality, as well as migrations in the 19th century. The statistics in Tabellverket (TABVERK) enable demographical studies from several angles on both local and regional level in Sweden during the pre-industrial society.

TABVERK holds an online search tool called SHiPS (Swedish Historical Populatio

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Umeå University

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Demographic database

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Data contains personal data


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1749 – 1859

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History (The Swedish standard of fields of research 2011)

Published: 2014-02-26
Last updated: 2017-02-27