Riksmaten 1997-98

SND-ID: EXT 0094

Creator/Principal investigator(s)

National Food Agency


In 1997-98, the Statistics Sweden in co-operation with the National Food Administration (NFA) carried out the second nationwide Swedish dietary survey, Riksmaten. The study was a follow-up of the previous survey (Hulk) carried out in 1989, using similar design and methods. In Riksmaten a representative sample of 2000 households consisted the survey base. In each household one person, aged 18-74 years, was selected to register food intake in a precoded 7-days record book. The participants also filled in a questionnaire with information on body weight, height, education, occupation, physical activity, smoking habits and other lifestyle factors. The sampling design was continuous, i.e. a number of households were invited to participate every second week, thus covering the whole year.

The population in Riksmaten 1997-98 was all registered persons in Sweden between 18-74 years. Subjects were drawn by using systematic sampling from a population register. The selection was based on 2,027 individuals and participation rate comprised 60 %.

The survey contained 32 questions (regarding height, weight,

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Research principal, contributors, and funding

Research principal

National Food Agency

Protection and ethical review

Data contains personal data


Method and time period

Unit of analysis


The population consisted of persons aged 18-74 years registered in Sweden.

Time Method

Sampling procedure

Probability: Systematic random

Time period(s) investigated

1997 – 1998

Geographic coverage

Geographic spread

Geographic location: Sweden


Becker W, Paerson M. Riksmaten 1997-98. Kostvanor och näringsintag i Sverige. Metod- och resultatanalys. Livsmedelsverket.
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Riksmaten 1997-98

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The dataset contains food registry and a survey from the study participants.

Data format / data structure


Creator/Principal investigator(s)

National Food Agency

Time period(s) investigated

1997 – 1998

Data collection 1

  • Mode of collection: Self-administered writings and/or diaries
  • Time period(s) for data collection: 1997–1998
  • Source of the data: Population group, Biological samples, Other

Data collection 2

  • Mode of collection: Self-administered questionnaire
  • Time period(s) for data collection: 1997–1998
  • Data collector: Statistics Sweden
  • Source of the data: Population group, Biological samples, Other

Number of individuals/objects


Response rate/participation rate


Published: 2021-01-12