Värmland Health Survey

SND-ID: EXT 0169

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Payam Khalili - Örebro University


A population-based health survey was carried out between 1962 and 1965 in the county of Värmland, Sweden. In total, 47,468 men and 48,079 women participated (mean age 48.7 years, range 22-99 years). The screening consisted of measurement of height (m), weight (kg) and blood pressure (BP; mmHg), as well as blood sampling including the determination of serum SA concentration (mg/L). All subjects have been followed in national registers until end of 2005 for in-hospital registered diagnosis. the cohort is also linked with data from the Swedish population and housing census in 1960.


The Swedish National Board of Health decided in 1961 to undertake a general health survey in the county of Värmland and also in parts of the county of Gävleborg in Sweden, the so called Värmland Health Survey (VHS).
The survey was conducted between 1962 and 1965 in connection with the mass-screening programme of miniature photo fluorography (x-ray) of the chest. The aim of the survey was to perform a chemical mass-screening to identify pre-symptomatic disease, especially different types of CVD, malignancies

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Örebro University

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Värmland Health Survey

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Payam Khalili - Örebro University

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  • Mode of collection: Physical measurements and tests
  • Time period(s) for data collection: 1962–1965
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Published: 2015-04-29
Last updated: 2020-01-17