Swedish Sign Language Dictionary

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Thomas Björkstrand - Stockholm university, Department of Linguistics

Johanna Mesch - Stockholm University, Department of Linguistics orcid


Swedish sign language dictionary (2008—) updated continuously with new signs and examples. There is a sign demonstration and photo illustration for or each entry, with additional demonstration of a sentence for many entries.

Includes many search paths. It is possible to search for i.e. word, hand shape, position, translation, and subject. It is also possible to get a list of alternative signs for the searched sign. There are presently over 40 searchable subject categories, some with additional sub categories. Advanced searches are also available, for example hand alphabet, numbers, less common signs, etc.
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Stockholm University


Joel Bäckström - Stockholm university, Department of Linguistics

Patrick Hansson - Stockholm university, Department of Linguistics

Nikolaus Reimer Kankkonen - Stockholm university, Department of Linguistics

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Geographic location: Sweden

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Language and linguistics (CESSDA Topic Classification)
Languages and Literature (The Swedish standard of fields of research 2011)

Swedish Sign Language Dictionary


19 700 signs with Swedish word, video and subject divisions.

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