Swedish election study 1973

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This study is part of the collection Swedish Election Studies - Parliamentary elections

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Creator/Principal investigator(s)

Olof Petersson - University of Gothenburg, Department of Political Science

Bo Särlvik - University of Gothenburg, Department of Political Science

Statistics Sweden


This study is number six in the collection of Swedish election studies carried out in connection with a general election. In 1973 a new kind of panel was introduced. This was a two-run panel, in which half of the 1973 sample was reinterviewed in 1976. The new respondents in 1976 were reinterviewed in 1979, and so on. In this way, all respondents will be interviewed twice. In addition to the usual content, this study includes a large number of questions on international politics and events; interest in international politics, opinions on alarming international events, the superpowers, the Common Market, the Middle East conflict, and the war in Vietnam. There are also questions on what the respondent wants the parties to accomplish on national and local level, and about the respondent´s knowledge of the candidates to the parliamentary and local election. Unlike most of the election studies, this study does not include questions on mass media.


Explain why people vote as they do and why an election ends in a particular way. Track and follow trends in the Swedish electoral democracy and

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Research principal, contributors, and funding

Research principal

University of Gothenburg

Responsible department/unit

Department of Political Science

Protection and ethical review

Data contains personal data


Method and time period

Unit of analysis


Individuals born 1893-1953, residing in Sweden and eligible to vote in the parliamentary election 1973

Sampling procedure

Probability: Simple random
I 1973 års undersökning tillämpades en annan metod för urvalsdragning än vid de tidigare undersökningarna. Den tidigare användningen av SCB:s sk basurval ersattes med en urvalsdragning i ett steg, direkt från SCB:s register över totalbefolkningen (RTB), med hjälp av SCB:s standardprogram för slumpmässiga urval. Vid urvalsdragningen bortsorterades personer som på grund av rösträttshinder ej ingick i målpopulationen. I målpopulationen ingår även röstberättigade utlandssvenskar. Dessa ingår emellertid ej i urvalsramen.

Time period(s) investigated

1973-08-16 – 1973-12-11

Geographic coverage

Geographic spread

Geographic location: Sweden

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Swedish election study 1973

Version 1.0


Olof Petersson, Bo Särlvik, Statistics Sweden. University of Gothenburg (1984). Swedish election study 1973. Swedish National Data Service. Version 1.0. https://doi.org/10.5878/002503

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Data format / data structure


Creator/Principal investigator(s)

Olof Petersson - University of Gothenburg, Department of Political Science

Bo Särlvik - University of Gothenburg, Department of Political Science

Statistics Sweden

Data collection

  • Time period(s) for data collection: 1973-08-16–1973-12-11
  • Source of the data: Registers/Records/Accounts: Administrative, Registers/Records/Accounts: Voting results, Population group



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Published: 1982-01-01
Last updated: 2019-02-20