Local elections 1966

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Jörgen Westerståhl - University of Gothenburg, Department of Political Science


The project ´Local government autonomy - local government boundaries´ was carried out jointly by the Departments of Political Science at five Swedish universities. It was conducted from 1965 to 1971, on the eve of the comprehensive amalgamations of municipalities which had been decided on but not fully implemented. This study, carried out in connection with the local elections in 1966, embraces 50 personal interviews in each of the 36 municipalities of sample A and 200 personal interviews in each of the three largest cities, making a total of 2 400 interviews. The interview questions deal with, among other things, duration of residence, experience of other types of municipalities, knowledge about and attitude toward local self-government, party activity, and evaluation of local government services.



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University of Gothenburg

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Department of Political Science

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Geographic location: Sweden

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Political behaviour and attitudes, Elections (CESSDA Topic Classification)
Social Sciences, Political Science (The Swedish standard of fields of research 2011)


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Westerståhl, J. (1970) The Communal Research Program in Sweden. The New Atlantis, No. 2.

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Local elections 1966

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Jörgen Westerståhl. University of Gothenburg (1995). Local elections 1966. Swedish National Data Service. Version 1.0. https://doi.org/10.5878/002370

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Jörgen Westerståhl - University of Gothenburg, Department of Political Science



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