Surburban Church - Religion and church in nine residential areas 1980-1981

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Jörgen Straarup - Religionssociologiska institutet


The object of the Suburbian Church project was to make the factors clear about the churches built in the suburbs during the period 1967-1978, the ideology behind their coming into being, their design and the ways they are used. In this part of the project the views of the residents in nine housing areas on new churches have been investigated. There are three types of opinions; firstly, general views on the suitability of various construction types; secondly, views on which activities could be allowed in church rooms; thirdly, views on desirable qualities of experience in new church rooms. The questionnaire furthermore contains items for validation of a new concept, that of ´folk church religiousness´.



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  • Funding agency: Swedish Council for Research in the Humanitie and Social Sciences

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  • Funding agency: Statens råd för byggforskning
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Geographic location: Sweden

Geographic description: Mjölkudden (urban distric in Luleå), Valsta (close to Arlanda airport), Viksjö (part of Järfälla municipality) and Salem (previously part of Botkyrka municipality, since January 1st 1983 independent municipality), Bäve (in Uddevalla), Bjurslätt and Tynnered (in Göteborg), Råslätt (in Jönköping) and Västerstrand (in Karlstad).

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Straarup, J. (1983) Förortskyrkan : religion och kyrka i nio bostadsområden. Arbetsrapport 18. Uppsala: Department of Theology.

Straarup, J. (1985) Kyrkan i förorten. Folklig religiositet och åsikter om nybyggda kyrkor. Stockholm: Förlaget Förortskyrkan.
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ISBN: 9789197053235

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Surburban church - Religion and church in nine residential areas 1980-1981

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Jörgen Straarup. Religionssociologiska institutet (2013). Surburban church - Religion and church in nine residential areas 1980-1981. Swedish National Data Service. Version 1.1.

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Jörgen Straarup - Religionssociologiska institutet



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Published: 1987-01-01
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