Local government officers 1980

SND-ID: SND 0262

This study is part of the collection Evaluation of the commune reapportionment reform

Creator/Principal investigator(s)

Lars Strömberg - University of Gothenburg, Department of Political Science


This survey forms part of the project ´Local government - an evaluation of the reform of amalgamation of municipalities´. In this study the local government officers are studied with regard to background: social background, education, professional experience; work assignments: planning, decision, execution; and attitudes: toward work, the role of the local government administration, connections with politicians, democracy and local autonomy, conflicts, present and future local government policy. The survey also want to shed light on the part the local government officer plays in the decision-making process in different types of municipalities. Changes of this role in connection with the growth of staff of officers and explanations of why these changes take place. Effects of these eventual changes on the possibilities to local political management and control.



Research principal, contributors, and funding

Research principal

University of Gothenburg

Responsible department/unit

Department of Political Science


  • Funding agency: Swedish Council for Research in the Humanitie and Social Sciences
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Data contains personal data


Method and time period

Unit of analysis


Local government officers

Time Method

Time period(s) investigated

1980-05-26 – 1980-12-15

Geographic coverage

Geographic spread

Geographic location: Sweden

Topic and keywords

Research area

Working conditions, Government, political systems and organisations (CESSDA Topic Classification)
Social Sciences, Political Science (The Swedish standard of fields of research 2011)


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Wallin, G., Bäck, H., & Tabor, M. (1981) Rapport från kommunaldemokratiska forskningsgruppen. Kommunalpolitikerna : rekrytering, arbetsförhållanden, funktioner : Del 1 (Ds Kn 1981:17). Stockholm : LiberFörlag/Allmänna förl. ISBN: 91-38-06537-1.
ISBN: 91-38-06537-1
ISSN: 0346-5721

Strömberg, L., & Norell, P-O. (1982) Rapport från kommunaldemokratiska forskningsgruppen. Kommunalförvaltningen (Ds Kn 1982:8). Stockholm : LiberFörlag/Allmänna förl. ISBN: 91-38-72589-4.
ISBN: 91-38-72589-4
ISSN: 0346-5721

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Local government officers 1980

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Lars Strömberg. University of Gothenburg (1997). Local government officers 1980. Swedish National Data Service. Version 1.0. https://doi.org/10.5878/001073

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Creator/Principal investigator(s)

Lars Strömberg - University of Gothenburg, Department of Political Science

Data collection

  • Mode of collection: Self-administered questionnaire: paper
  • Time period(s) for data collection: 1980-05-26–1980-12-15
  • Data collector: University of Gothenburg, Department of Political Science
  • Source of the data: Population group
Published: 1994-01-01
Last updated: 2019-02-05