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Agneta Freccero - Swedish Institute in Rome


The study presented in this database concerns plasters used for wall decorations in Pompeii. Earlier experiences in the field showed that plasters compositions change over time. The hypothesis for the study was that there is a connection between the typology and the relative chronology in which the plasters appear on the walls, and that these factors are related not only in single houses or quarters but over the site. The variations were assumed to be related to technology, craftsmanship and fashion. Focus has been set on materials and styles. The database has three sections: Houses, Samples and Types. The types are sorted according to the system of types which is 0 (Zero), which contains the earliest plasters identified, the chronologically namned A-H and the additional X, a group that contains other kinds of materials, such as cocciopesto, modern restoration materials, or waterproof plaster, just to mention some.


The main objective of this project is to study lime plasters used for wall decoration and, if possible, to find a clear relation between typology and stratigraphy.



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Swedish Institute in Rome

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2004 – 2012

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Geographic location: Italy


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Pompeian Plasters Database

Version 1.0


Agneta Freccero. Swedish Institute in Rome (2015). Pompeian Plasters Database. Swedish National Data Service. Version 1.0. https://doi.org/10.5878/002567

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Agneta Freccero - Swedish Institute in Rome


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Published: 2012-12-21
Last updated: 2020-01-22